Twitter – One good use of it.

Millions of people are using twitter every day, but for many of those who have yet to sign up, there is great confusion as to what twitter is all about.  My mother-in-law asked me the other day “If it’s just like my Facebook news feed, what do I need Twitter for? I just don’t get it.”

One neat tool of twitter is the search function.  Each day I search “marketing”, “clever marketing”, “New Zealand”, “Ann Arbor”, and other topics of interest, to see what the twitter world has to offer to educate me.  The tweets that are the most popular (i.e. have been re-tweeted the most) come at the top of the search results.  This is an awesome filtering tool to help find the most interesting and helpful blogs and articles on the web, all in just a few seconds.

Sure you can follow your favorite celebrities, and find out what color shoe polish they’re using today, but the ability to search for the most up to date content (whatever your topic of interest) is perhaps the most overlooked feature of this fantastic resource.


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