WANTED: Ron Warhurst, well known track coach, has been sighted in South Korea along with his young trainee, Sierra Willis, who is being influenced by his recent path of destruction and forgetfulness. After nearly missing his flight at the Detroit airport due to a forgotten passport, Warhurst managed to arrive in Korea two days ago. He and Willis have been sighted wandering around Daegu together, getting lost on buses, and using false accreditation to enter the athlete’s village.

After only an hour of being in Daegu, he and two young accomplices, Mrs. Willis, and new recruit IAAF volunteer, Mr. Lee, were seen in the back of a police car, being escorted to Daegu police headquarters to file a report for a missing property after Warhurst left his wallet in the back of a Daegu taxi cab. The Daegu police were very relieved to see some action after a quiet night of watching Korean soap operas. The three were later seen being dropped off by police at a local burger joint and then picked up again by police 15 minutes later and taken back to their hotel.

In addition, local Koreans have also made claims that a man matching Warhurst’s description mistakenly walked into a man’s unlocked hotel room, thinking it was his own. The embarrassed man, whose identity has not yet been released, was apparently getting out of the shower and was stunned to find a startled American standing in his room. After a rushed apology, the intruder quickly fled the scene.

Contacts near to Warhurst reveal that he is still in good spirits despite his adventures of late, and can often be found with Willis at the stadium in the VIP lounge or in J’s hotel lobby enjoying the breakfast buffet and drinking 6–8 cups of coffee per hour.


4 thoughts on “WANTED

  1. Poor Ron – all that time lag can leave you pretty wasted.

    Thankfully, he’s not the one running the 1,500!

  2. Through qualifying ! Matt Centrowitz and Leo Manzano as well.
    Position Bib Athlete Country Mark
    1 656 Daniel Kipchirchir Komen KEN 3:38.54 Q
    2 810 Nicholas Willis NZL 3:39.24 Q
    3 411 Yoann Kowal FRA 3:39.33 Q
    4 350 Diego Ruiz ESP 3:39.33 Q
    5 751 Mohamed Moustaoui MAR 3:39.35 Q
    6 1068 Matthew Centrowitz USA 3:39.46 Q

  3. Nick – great job despite the loss in the final. Life isn’t always what we’d like. Saw your post race interview — thanks for the grace and honesty. I always think about what a doctor friend told me when I recounted a personal disaster: ‘hey, nobody died’. Changed my perspective.

    Put it behind you and move ahead — you’ve made a lot of progress coming back from some injuries and learned something for London.

    Go Blue!

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