The High Life

Week one of four at 7000 ft altitude is complete! We’ve been having a great time here in Flagstaff, Arizona. It’s always fun coming to a new place and seeing a city for the first time. The condo we’re renting is on the third hole of a golf course. Naturally, part of our daily entertainment is sitting out on our balcony watching golfers tee off and work their way toward the green. Of course, while watching, Nick and his training partners often feel the need to deliver good-natured but humorous commentary on the game being played—which I’m sure the golfers very much appreciate. Usually I hide indoors out of embarrassment during these conversations. Surprisingly, no clubs or golf balls (accidental or intentional) have been hurled toward our balcony.

Looking out from our balcony

It was pretty fun when we first walked through our condo. The owners have put a lot of effort into decorating it in a not-so-subtle western theme. There are rifles, bows and arrows, saddles, animal skins, antlers and feathers galore. Personally, my favorite touch is the outdoor bar on the balcony. Nick’s is the horse saddle that doubles as a bar stool. We’ve decided with a place like this, it’s our duty to throw some good parties. We’ve counted 31 available seats for guests, so we think we could throw a good-sized shindig. May is a cheap month to rent in Flagstaff because it’s too early for vacationers to arrive searching for refuge from the intense Arizona summer heat. We feel like we definitely lucked out with our place.

Of course, one of the biggest adjustments we’re facing here is the altitude. For the first few days the altitude was really noticeable so we made sure to take it easy. All the experts we’d talked to about altitude training in the past recommended to not push one’s body too hard for the first ten days. Trusting this advice, Nick has been really careful to listen to his body and hold back this first week and it seems like he is adjusting well. He’s feeling better and better every run.

We have been amazed at the amount of trails around Flagstaff. It seems as though someone could live here for years and never run on the same trail twice! There are so many different parks and trail systems all over the city. We’ve only experienced a handful of them so far, but plan to explore many more before we leave in three weeks!


One thought on “The High Life

  1. Great to see a new entry after such a long silence !

    So you’re in AZ just as the nice weather arrives in A2 – very nice today (69F). 70s and 80s forecast for the next week after lots of rain. A2 is very, very green these days in contrast to AZ.

    I remember running in Santa Fe, AZ on a business trip one March – not easy!

    Will be checking the Occidental College results as I see Nick is in the 1,500 there (tough competition). I see Nate Brannen on the list as well.

    Good luck.

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