Albuquerque: Home Spicy Home

First things first: the weekly picture of my guns. I’d say there’s been little to no improvement, although I actually have been lifting lots of weights. I’m getting quite used to waking up with aching muscles. Even though I can’t see the difference yet, I refuse to get discouraged. After all, it’s only been a week.

This week seems to have flown by, which is good. It means Nick and I have been staying busy. We’ve made it our mission to make lots of friends during our time here and so far we’ve done pretty well. We found a church last Sunday that we like—especially since it’s full of friendly people. During the short time we were at the service last Sunday we were invited into several people’s homes (small groups that get together each week) plus lunch with three other couples after the service. I love it when Christ followers really act like Christ. That’s how the church should be if you ask me.

Today we had lunch with a family who we met in our apartment complex. They have two adorable kids who are five and three. We discovered a local Albuquerque gem—Flying Star Café. Like all great restaurants, they serve breakfast all day so Nick and I had french toast.

Vacation is fun, but I don’t think either Nick or I feel like we are in vacation mode here. Five weeks on vacation would just get lonely and boring. There’s work to be done, and although it’s a new place, we’d rather make this feel like a home for a little while. No one gets work done when they’re on vacation. Making friends and keeping busy prevents us from feeling like strangers here, and the more at home we feel here the more productive we’ll be.


One thought on “Albuquerque: Home Spicy Home

  1. So I am back into doing the blogging thing. Glad to read up about your adventures in NM. Oh how I miss it there. Mostly the food. What church are you going to? The Calvary Chapel there is pretty awesome. Dude, how are the “guns” doing? You have inspired me to get going with working out. Push-ups are my favorite. I’m getting into snowboarding right now. Talk about a full body workout!

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