Across the Finish Line

I don’t know quite where to begin. But, as Nick reminds me, the longer I put off writing this blog the bigger the task becomes!

To start with, we’re back in Hong Kong again. We left Delhi late last night and are taking one day in transit before heading back to Ann Arbor tomorrow morning. We had a great time today relaxing and riding the Ngong Ping cable car over beautiful mountains and hills here in Hong Kong. Nick’s been very disciplined over the last several months and it’s nice to finally relax and let loose.

Delhi was amazing. I’ve never been anywhere quite like it. Nick and I parted ways at the airport when we arrived. I stayed at a hotel with Nick’s dad, Richard, while Nick joined up with the rest of the NZ team in the athlete’s village. While Nick spent his time preparing for his races, Richard and I spent our days busy traveling around different parts of Delhi and walking through markets. We had such a great time and met so many wonderful people during our time in India.

I’m not going to bore you with technical details about Nick’s races—there’s already plenty of articles and videos out there. Overall, we’re really pleased with Nick’s season. It’s been a unique year for us. A few months ago we doubted whether Nick was even going to make it to the Commonwealth Games and now we’re bringing home a beautiful new bronze medal. It’s always a privilege for Nick to get on the podium. But at the same time, he’s been honest that it was difficult not to win. Talking about the race today, he described it as one of the weirdest tactical races he’s ever been in. It was slow—which is not unusual—but the fact that the race remained slow until only the last 200 meters was really unique. The three Kenyans did a brilliant job at working together to control the race perfectly and reaped the rewards for their tactical nous.

This week we’ll take a break from the world of running, hang out with family and friends, eat some good food, and probably spend lots of time with a certain little mischievous puppy who we’ve missed very much!


One thought on “Across the Finish Line

  1. It was fascinating to see nick’s race at delhi. We would be glad if you share more about your experience at delhi.
    – Javed & Shahina

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