Update from Nick

Training for me has never been more enjoyable than these last two months (Pain free for the first time in three years!). Missing 3 months of training due to rehabilitation post knee surgery, this training cycle has been rather unique, in that I am trying to build a base, while also incorporating some speed work to prepare for my four races before the Commonwealth games (normally one would do base training, then speed training).

Most of my international competitors are winding down their seasons, now that the end of August is near, and the norm is that few have much motivation or
energy for training remaining (well I normally don’t anyway), so they race as much as possible before their fitness completely run’s out. I on the other hand am just getting into the swing of things, and eager to sharpen my fitness for races extending well into Autumn. It will be interesting to see who will
have the most fitness and speed in their legs for the Commonwealth final in Delhi on Oct 12th. Though I would have loved to have been racing in this years innaugural Diamond league circuit, we’re praying the spring setback will turn out to be a great blessing in disguise, and I hit peak fitness when championship season arrives!

To give you an idea of what a week of training for me looks like at the moment. Here are my past seven days.

Saturday – (am) 15 minute shake out jog before evening’s race (starting to feel nervous)
(pm) – 1 mile race in Falmouth Massachusetts – 2nd in 3.59.7

sunday – (am)1h35mins easy-steady – 15.5 miles (then six hours of travel back to Ann Arbor, MI)

monday – (am) 1 hour Massage/stretch
(pm)55 mins easy – 8 miles, icetub.

Tuesday – (am)3x2850m Loop in Arboritum (first 1850m flat then 1000m gradual uphill to finish) – (9m18s,9m10s,8m49s)
– Weights & hurdle drills, 2x100m in 14.2, Icetub.

Wednesday – (am) 1 hour massage/stretch
(pm) 70 mins easy-steady – 11 miles

Thursday – (am) 1 hour massage/stretch
(pm) 45 mins easy, 4x100m in 12.3, 200m in 23.7, 5 mins cool down, Ice tub

Friday – (am) 3 mile Tempo in 14.40, (8mins rest), 600 (1.27), 3×1000 (2.42), 600 (1.27)
– Weights & hurdle drills, ice tub

One more week like this before heading over to Europe for some tune-up races. When I return mid-september, coach Warhurst will let me do some more specific race paced workouts on the track to fine-tune my form for Delhi.

Till next time!


3 thoughts on “Update from Nick

  1. Cool to see that week Nick. And man, that Friday session sounds pretty meaty – nice work! Hope the new puppy has learnt to keep up because that’s one serious workout to do alone! 🙂

  2. Inspiring Nick – thanks for the detail. Fascinated by the stretching, massages and icebaths, thanks for including that. ISAIAH 40 v 31 aye? Claim it!

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