Let the racing begin!

Well, Nick is about to fly out tomorrow morning to Falmouth, Massachusetts to run in the CIGNA Falmouth Mile, a large road race that features a track exhibition mile the night before. Nick will run for the first time since his knee surgery. It’s pretty early in his training to try to race, but we think he’s in good shape and we thought this race would serve as a good gauge of where he’s at in his training and preparation for the Commonwealth games. Ten weeks ago Nick started running 5 minutes a day and he’s slowly built up from there.

For those of you who are interested in how the race goes, probably the best bet is just to check the race website. I’ll probably post the results on the blog as well.

Nick is so excited to get back on the track again! He’s been training great for the last two months and thoroughly enjoying being able to do long runs again. Regardless of how this race goes, we’re just grateful that he’s is able to run again pain free—for the first time in years! Injuries and surgeries are tough, and we’ve been incredibly blessed by many wonderful friends and family members who have supported us and keep us positive through these past two seasons of injury. God’s been good, and I’m reminded everyday of how He’s given us far beyond what we deserve or need.


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