Newest Member of the Family

Introducing Tempo Willis!

We’ve had Tempo for 5 days now. He’s about 8 weeks old so it’s been a busy 5 days! People say that getting a little puppy is a lot like having a baby. Luckily, the “baby” stage for a dog only lasts a few months! Besides the first night in his crate where he barked for 7 hours straight, he’s been a pretty good puppy! He’s very active and loves chasing Nick and I around the back yard. Of course Nick is already trying to train him to follow him when he runs.

We decided on the name Tempo after we had him for a few days. It seemed to fit his active personality best and he responded to the name more than any others. Plus, I just really like calling him “Po-po”.

The nice thing about a puppy is that although they are a lot of work, they sleep a ton! After a good hard play, he crashes pretty hard. Nick is so happy that he finally has a companion to take afternoon naps with. It’s very cute when they curl up on the couch together with Tempo on Nick’s chest. Though, I am wondering how long that will last since Tempo will be full size (about 40 lbs) in a about 6 months!


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