Boucher Camp

Nick and I are spending some time at my parent’s place in Kalamazoo this weekend. Every time we spend a night somewhere other than our house in Ann Arbor, Nick has to update his whereabouts for Drug Free Sport NZ ( New Zealand’s governing body for the World Anti-Doping Association). I always think it would be pretty funny to have drug testers show up when we’re here or on vacation camping and ask Nick for a “sample”.  They have yet to show up in Kalamazoo though.

The older I get the more I realize how my parents’ house is kind of like a camp—or a farm of some sort. Organic food and “going green” have become such trendy ideas in the last few years, and although you’d never catch my mom wearing a “love the earth” t-shirt, this house is more “at one with nature” than your average tree hugger’s.  My parents’ garden is massive and I can’t remember a time they’ve ever eaten frozen or canned vegetables. Everything comes straight from the garden.  Plus, if Nick and I are ever in need of a rug or a dish towel, there are usually piles of hand-woven rag rugs (from recycled old clothes) and towels (from hand-spun yarn of course).  Plus, the clothes recyled into rag rugs were actually hand sewn in the first place.  I’m getting a little carried away here but actually, what I’m saying is all true.

It’s pretty inspiring for Nick and I to be here.  Our yard doesn’t quite match up to Camp Boucher, but hey, we did start a nice compost pile last year! plus it’s just a lot of fun to visit.  Nick always gets carried away roughhousing in the yard with the four dogs. I hope he calms down once we get our own dog.


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