What is Team Willis?

Team Willis is a name my husband, Nick, came up with in 2007.  For those of you who don’t know Nick, or anything about him, he’s a runner.  He’s pretty fast too.  I met him in 2006 when he was already well into his professional running career.  Sure, running is what we call an individual sport, but no successful runner is ever really alone.  There are coaches, family members, doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and friends who all contribute to the athlete’s endeavor.

This blog is about everyone who is a part of Team Willis.  Nick is the athlete—and an incredibly hard-working and talented athlete at that—but there are many involved in his pursuit.  As we look ahead to London 2012 and set our sights on gold there, we know that reaching that goal will require not an individual effort, but the effort of a strong, unified team.


One thought on “What is Team Willis?

  1. Sierra,
    I am a big fan of your husband’s. I met him through my work @ Reebok a number of years ago in A2 while hanging out at Tortoise and Hare. I admire Nick’s work ethic and his outward humility; I’ve become aware of Nick’s “dark side”–that is, his sense of humor which runs deep. He is always pleasant to be around and to speak with.

    I am pulling for success in his running career; it would be awesome to see him have a huge Olympics in 2012 in London. But whatever happens on the track there, I know Nick will be successful in his life.

    Best of luck and happiness to you both.

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