Boucher Camp

Nick and I are spending some time at my parent’s place in Kalamazoo this weekend. Every time we spend a night somewhere other than our house in Ann Arbor, Nick has to update his whereabouts for Drug Free Sport NZ ( New Zealand’s governing body for the World Anti-Doping Association). I always think it would be pretty funny… Continue reading Boucher Camp

TV NZ story

TV NZ did a story about Nick’s new medal last night. Here’s the link. You even catch a glimpse of the new custom-made medal that has finally arrived in New Zealand.


You may notice that I haven’t posted in a while. That’s because we went on our annual family camping trip to Fort Custer State Park.  Nick and I love this campground because the sites are really secluded and wooded.  You actually feel like you are camping—not just pitching a tent in a field along with… Continue reading Camping

Looking Forward

We’re getting really excited about the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Deli!  They are only about 13 weeks away.  I’ve been watching this video a ton lately and getting pumped up about the race.  I love listening to the commentators on this video as the race unfolds.  I remember watching this race after I first met… Continue reading Looking Forward


I love this video for Kiwirun.  Nick and I were able to spend a couple days hanging out with the group in New Zealand last January and we had such a great time.  Every time I watch this I miss New Zealand and am reminded of what a beautiful country it is.